The Thundering

A little R&R

Our fellow adventurers were put on a ship quite forcefully, and under the direction of Captain Brosia, set sail for the continent of Dracmont. The first couple days were light in excitement, but gave the Captain time to teach the adventurers how to maintain and operate a ship. Things went well, except for the eladrin, who didn’t take well to the open seas.

On the fifth day, with everyone feeling a bit green, a storm hit with ferocious strength, and only through strength and determination did the party make it out safely.

The ship docked safely in Teios, a decent sized port town. It was relatively empty, and a friendly bartender told the adventurers that the Styrewood Games have drawn a huge crowd from every corner of the region.

With their curiosity piqued, the troupe traveled to Styrewood, bitching Gilsdorf into staying awake all night on guard two nights in a row. With Gilsdorf staying awake sufficiently to keep any pickpockets away, and the guard believing that Trace wasn’t just another low-life pickpocket, the adventurers found themselves in the packed streets of Styrewood.

Under the encouragement of Virgil, the party first engaged in a test of the mind against the Chessmaster. After a long and close match, Virgil came out on top, and was awarded a Potion of Eladrin Shape (funny enough). And the party went to bed for the evening, waiting to join the Arena in the morning.

First thing after breakfast was signing up for the arena. For technical reasons, roleplaying was skipped and everyone proceded into the arena combat. After killing a decent amount of creatures, and getting a decent amount of xp, the party all leveled up.


Did you have another arc prepared in case we decided to join up with Brosia?

A little R&R

Actually, I only had vague sense of what I wanted to have happen. I prepared for a naval battle with pirates (hence the map you saw), but I was planning that if yo accepted, the party would spend the night in Teios, that would be attacked at night by bandits, and a few other tricks to delay a sea voyage. But I would have improved enough to keep you guys happy.

A little R&R
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