The Thundering

A Night of Roleplaying

Our party, still injured from the encounter at the waterfall, limped back to Styrewood to report to Charles Wolfe. Wolfe demanded that the party find and reclaim the Jade Warrior from the bandits.

Through various means and hours of investigation, the party eventually found the following information:

  • The thieves were insiders in the manor, and used magic to remove the statue from it’s resting place.
  • The Jade Warrior had a weak magic aura safeguarding the region, although from what isn’t known (the party suspects earthquakes). That aura is now gone.
  • The Jade pieces encountered were part of a collection of jade figures carved by a wizard centuries ago. There is talk of them being enchanted, however details were lost to time.

After winding down for the night in a tavern, one of the kidnapped merchants arrived, surprised. He gave the party their next clue: one of the kidnapped merchants, Rakai Crevan was on route north to Harrowden, in the Llyandra Valley.

Interrogating Rakai, and after a little bit of grilling, Rakai told the party that he was charged with smuggling the Jade Parrot, and that the kidnapping was set up to hide the smuggling. He was now following a lead to the next figure for him to smuggle, the Jade Rose.

Just before the party reached the gates of Harrowden, the Iron Circle ambushed them again. After delivering a letter from The Necromaancer, the leader of the thugs slew Koradar, leaving the party stunned.


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