The Thundering

Quest Get!

The party started out as a rag-tag group of guards hired by the merchant’s guild, led by Grakk. Their first assignment was to protect a small caravan of a handful of carts between the small town of Garrant and the city of Hammerfast,about two days of travel.

The morning of the second day, the party was ambushed right outside the ruins of Castle Inverness, the halfway point of the trip. After getting bruised up, the party trekked on without looting the bodies.

Once in Hammerfast, their pay was withheld, and told to report to the local ruler, Lord Vladistone, to get compensation for the trip. There, he revealed that he has been hiring mercenaries to investigate the source of several earthquakes that have plagued the region. He explained then explained the theories circulating.

Scholars have told me that earthquake dragons used to roost in the mountains to the east. Now they haven’t been around in my lifetime, nor that of my father, but I’m not prepared to rule it out. Rumors from some dwarven merchants say that a dwarven klan has discovered fire-powder, and have been experimenting with it. Some of our clergy have been ranting that duergar, or other devils have been digging out under the region, and that they will soon breach the surface. Now we have workers and scholars digging to answer that, and some groups have been sent to a handful of dwarven clans, but we need you to investigate the mountains. Either diplomacise with the Ironfist clan, or search and destroy any and all dragon roosts.

The party quickly set off to hunt for some dragons, and left early the following morning.

We left the party among the various severed branches of a carrion vine, with no bodies to loot.


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