Lord Vladistone

The Current Ruler of Hammerfast


Lord Vladistone is the current ruler of Hammerfast. He has recently began offering mercenaries and wandering guards jobs, either as diplomats to Dwarven clans, or to destroy any dragon roosts. His most pressing concern was the earthquakes that have been plaguing Hammerfast recently.

The party first encountered him when he withheld their pay from escorting the caravan to Hammerfast, forcing them to meet him in person. From there he tasked them with investigating the earthquakes.

The second encounter with Vladistone resulted in a quest to travel to Saladir and investigate the source of two messages sent almost at the same time; one cautioning war, and the other offering trade routes.

According to Sultan Hakim, Hammerfast has been destroyed, and Vladistone has supposedly been deposed.


Lord Vladistone

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