Sultan Hakim Ahmad Suleiman bin Tali

Sultan of Akhanat


Sultan Hakim was one of the two players for power in Saladir when the party encountered him first. A ruthless man and cunning politician, as well as a relentless general and deft tactician, he planted evidence that implicated his men for assassinations as a way to inspire fear for his power among the people. He hides his excellent intelligence and political saavy behind a veneer of brutishness that make him difficult to read, much less outmaneuver. He is an aggressive expansionist who believes in the restoration of Akhanat’s foremer glory as an omnipotent empire on the continent of Lendt.

He manipulated the party into helping him gain the throne and then used his powers to lay waste to Forun, the home country of many of the party’s members.

In Styrewood, it was discovered by the party that Hakim had shipped the Jade Parrot overseas into the possession of the Jade Brotherhood, a cult.

Sultan Hakim Ahmad Suleiman bin Tali

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